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Hello! Happy Hump Day!

I wanted to talk to you about one of my favorite organic make up brands that I discovered and am obsessed with! If you have been following the blog for while now, you know that I was trying to find an organic makeup brand that didn’t have a weird consistency or lasted for all of 10 minutes.

If you think about it, our skin is a  living organism, in fact its the largest organism on our body! It breathes, interacts and absorbs  from everything it encounters. Not to mention that  whatever we put on to our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream… so to say the least, I knew toxic skin care products had to go which led me on my search.

Now I have tried tons and tons of organic brands I will say, there are some really great ones out there.. and some meh ones.. but who wants to waste their money trying a tons of products that you might not even like? Don’t worry! I got ya.

For me RMS beauty has everything I was looking for. It is certified organic and has sourced  the safest ingredients which they show all ingredient used in their products. This is not the case for all brands… The makeup is also Gluten Free, GMO Free, Soy Free, and they do not test on animals which is always a plus!

My main go-to products is the Master Mixer the Living Luminzier  and the Un-cover up. I can leave the house with a little bit of the Master mixer or Luminizer and I look so fresh, awake and youthful! You have to check this video out. Just like that. I have seen these colors on other skin tones and they seem to compliment all types of skin tones!



As you can tell, my Master Mixer is my fav.. almost gone 😦 

***Please note that this is not a sponsored post at all ( although I am open to sponsorship 🙂 ) these are my own opinions.****

What are some of your favorite Makeup brands? leave me them in the comments!

Have a great rest of your day,

Mackenzie A.




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