Moving into Grace – Radiant + Health + Beauty


I took a Kundalini workshop  a few months ago that was called moving into your grace. It was specifically for women finding there own radiance which was uplifting and very informational! At the end of the course I left with  nutritional health and healing tips that can easily be integrated into your day to day routine and are also really easy, so I wanted to share a few of them!

  • Substitute Lemon for Salt – Using lemon while cooking actually boosts the flavor of what ever you are cooking just like salt but without all that sodium. You can read this article about it here.
  • Eat Basmasti Rice To Build Muscles 
  • Detox with Green Chilis – The Chilies wont allow  any poisons to build up in the intestines.
  • Problems with hypothyroid – Eat Dates
  • P Friuts are generally good for women –  Think peaches, plums, papya, pears, permissions, prunes.
  • For Liver Cleansing – Eat steamed beets
  • Drink Celery Juice – To help with Nerves
  • Getting rid of water retention( blaoting) – Cucumber and lemons in water
  • Tonifier – Manuka Honey or Queen Bee Honey


What are some of your health/healing tips? leave them in the comments!



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