Starting A Family..


Well it was a hot minute there, but I am back and have some exciting news! ( as you can tell from the headline) We are officially starting our family!!!.. Yup, 19 weeks as we speak and so far so good.

The First Trimester was pretty easy for me besides a few weeks of nausea, feeling exhausted and having some serious back aches but other than that, it has flown by!

Second Trimester has also been really easy ( comparatively). I still have major back aches, but this seems to get better if I can fit in some sort of yoga during the day or at least a bit of stretching. I am so tired still.. but I also work long hours and teach yoga on top of that, so I may be pushing it a bit too much. The issue is I am not the type of person to just relax.. so it is what it is.

My biggest cravings so far have been an everything bagel toasted with herb and Garlic cream cheese, a kale Ceaser salad ( which I will do a post on) and green apples. The Green apples are probably the weirdest thing because before I got pregnant I didn’t even like them.

My Hormones took it really hard in the first trimester and Perry actually felt like I was getting depressed. I wasn’t.. It was just that there was so much happening and knowing your life is going to change forever  was is scary. Plus that fact that I was am so tired didn’t help!

As of last week, I  bought my first pair of maternity pants, and  I don’t think I love them as much as I thought I would… Yes I love the stretchy waist band.. but its the fact that they go so high up on the belly that feels so weird to me… I think once I get bigger they might start to feel better.

Another note, we bought a house! It took us over a year to sell our condo and only a few months to find a house that  felt like home. We don’t get possession for a month, so in the mean time we are living at Perry’s dads house which has been nice to have a break from the responsibility of living on your own.

My bump has slowly have progressively gotten bigger, I think I have popped.. but im not sure..


Being a soon to be mom is defiantly scary!! If you have had baby’s and have any advice for me I would love to hear it!?

Lots of Love.

Mackenzie A






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