The Lady Behind The Blog


Hi! My name is Mackenzie, however I am more commonly known as Mack, Kenzie or Kenz.

I reside in Calgary, Alberta Canada where I live with my wonderful husband Perry and Dog Diesel. I considering myself almost like superman. but in the sense that I am a Corporate worker by day and yoga teacher by night. Yoga teacher – Super hero = same diff 😉

I am OBSESSED  with the simple things in life and a true hippie at heart. I try my best to live as natural/organic and clean as possible.I love learning new things. Gardening. Cooking. Singing. hiking. bike rides. camping. beauty products (organic of course) and just embracing each and everyday we have! I am compassionate, cheerful, and sarcastic( in the best way)!

I’m starting this blog as platform to write about the things that make me happy day to day and to share things in life that matter to me.

We are all on this beautiful journey called life. This is my experience.

Hope you reading it as much as I do sharing!

Mackenzie Alain.