Playlist. 5: Mantras.


I  realize it’s been quite a while since I shared any of my playlist with you guys.

I like to share the actual songs I am  are currently listening to as it switches up all the time! Lately I have been loving starting my day off listening to a few good mantras. I don’t even know the language to most of them,  but it helps me to approach the day with confidence, anticipation and just feeling happier.

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Halloween Playlist and Yoga Sequence


Happy Halloween All!

Saturday night was our friends big Halloween bash and we took a party bus from there house over to a pub. The bus was honestly more fun then the pub! There is something about dancing while driving on a highway that just exhilarates me! 😉

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Yogi Playlist. 3


Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you had a fantastic Weekend! Mine was really good. My sister was in horse jumping competitions all weekend and one first place! and  on Sunday we decided to chill in bed until 1:30PM!!! Say what! It was something we NEVER do but I think we need to start. It was so nice. We watched a movie, talked and cuddled. I felt like we were right back on our honeymoon again!

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Rudraksha beads


It’s Wednesday aka hump day guys! The week seems to be dragging a bit for me but I think it’s all part of getting back to the grind of everyday life.

When we were in Lombok Indonesia, we came across this tiny little jewelry store. The sign that brought me in said something about Shiva tearsa and I had learnt a little bit about the god Shiva in my yoga teacher training, so right away I wanted to explore further.

Looking at the necklaces and bracelets I was so drawn to them even though they were not the best looking piece of jewelry I had seen, but I immediately started to choose one for myself!  Turns out, I was looking at jewelery that was made from rudraksha seeds.

If you don’t know ( which I didn’t) the rudraksha seed is off of the  Eliocarpus ganitrus tree and is known to play an important role in a spiritual seeker’s life!!!- Yes Please!

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DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray


I try to make a hot yoga class at least once a week, at one point I was trying to make a class at least 3 times a week minimum. I love hot yoga for some many reasons, but I really love walking out of class dripping in sweat! It just gives me that detoxified, light, euphoric feeling.. you know ?

Well after all of that sweat dripping off of your body on to your mat, it’s obviously very important to clean your mat afterwards.. otherwise.. yuck.

You can totally go out and buy a cleaner for your mat for around $15 – $25… OR you can make one yourself!!!!

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A Few Good Reads.


This past year I have had the pleasure of adding reading back into my life and I must  say, it has been so great! I actually had to question myself as to why I haven’t been reading all of these years and why did I ever stop!?

I specifically  like the books where I’m learning, and expanding my knowledge of the subject. Despite of what I found in school, I actually really love learning! Correction*  I  like learning things I am interested in and not so much the stuff I am not so interested it. Which might be why I had “ok” grades. :p

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Namaste – It’s international Yoga Day



Simply put, comparing my life now to before I found yoga, is like comparing a glass of water to an ocean.

Yoga is truly a gift we can give ourselves, from ourselves.

Wishing all my fellow yogis, stillness, exploration and hoping you uncover all of the hidden gems within.  Reach higher, look deeper, feel louder and trust the universe has got you and know that we rise by lifting others.

Happy International Yoga Day!!!!


Mackenzie V.