A Few More Wedding Pics

Good morning all and happy Tuesday! It is officially beyond freezing here (-21 degree’s). BRRRRR! Walking from the train to work has been officially brutal and my thighs are oddly the first thing to go numb.. must think of something to use to cover my thighs.  Luckily I am currently writing  this wrapped up in my cozy shall scarf and a hot cup cinnamon golden milk, so I can’t complain. 😉

I wanted to share a few more photos we got back from our wedding. I actually just received all of these photos last week ( talk about a long waiting period) and I am in LOVE. I feel like the photos give a good sense of the place we got married on and just the outdoor laid back vibe I was going for.


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Simple & Healthy Turkey Sauteed with Apple Cinnamon and Leeks

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Hi again friends! Hope your week has been splendid so far! Monday’s are always the hardest  for me and its beat, so no complaining here. I teach my yoga class late on Mondays which means I don’t get home until I am passed the starving point. This is not good for me or for Perry as I am usually pretty “hangry” and that never ends well.

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Pumpkin Chili.

img_0268Happy November! Can you believe it..I honest can’t! October just flew by so fast and I’m not sure how i feel about it. I know I’m going to miss the pumpkin everything that’s for sure. ;)So with that being said,  yesterday being the last day of October we ate pumpkin.. and lots of it! We woke up that morning to have pumpkin Pancakes with a pumpkin latte, followed by a pumpkin yogurt parfait for an afternoon snack and if that wasn’t enough pumpkin, we had my a delicious Pumpkin Chili for dinner!


The Chili ended up being so easy and yummy that i wanted to share the recipe! I mean you don’t need October as an excuse to eat Chili. 🙂

I find this Chili is very similar to your typical Chili but has a tad bit of sweetness and intoxicating fall tastes and smells with that added cinnamon ! Pumpkin is also super high in vitamin A, it lowers blood pressure can boost your vision. It has been known to help people sleep better! Win. Win.

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Yogi Playlist. 3


Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you had a fantastic Weekend! Mine was really good. My sister was in horse jumping competitions all weekend and one first place! and  on Sunday we decided to chill in bed until 1:30PM!!! Say what! It was something we NEVER do but I think we need to start. It was so nice. We watched a movie, talked and cuddled. I felt like we were right back on our honeymoon again!

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